It's already in you

Isa set up What’s Inside Limited 5 years ago, born out of a desire to help others find their purpose, accomplish it and be happy. Her work is based on the belief that most of what one needs to feel accomplished is already in them. 

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Isa's background is in corporate talent and leadership development. She spent the first 25 years of her career working for 2 very large multinational companies that opened up opportunities for her to live and work all over the world. She completed her professional coaching training in 2014 and is an ICF accredited coach. 

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Clarity around what they want, why they want it and what they need to do to get it.
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Find the Courage to take the first step and be visible.
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Learn how to play big, be conspicuous, and be visible to those who matter.
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Find the Confidence to sustain the changes they have made.

Achieve the 4cs

Whether it's leadership coaching, development coaching or group coaching, What's Inside Ltd is committed to help our clients achieve the 4C's of coaching. 


What's on Offer

We believe every individual and organisation is unique. Shaped by their talents, interests and values. Defined by their beliefs. Propelled by their stories. 



Coaching support helps you find the courage to tackle the most uncomfortable challenges in learning and the confidence to sustain any changes you make. 



To be connected to a positive all female learning group will be like having a renewable source of power, giving new meaning to the word "sisterhood". 



Resilient leadership isn’t just the ability to persevere. It is also an outlook we can cultivate to stay focused on the important things in life rather than what is most urgent. 



We take a closer look at individual strengths, interests and passions, their dreams and aspirations and help them make decisions on their career/university/subject choice. 



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Her calm and understanding personality allowed me to "re-frame"

Life in the mining industry can be an unending series of rapidly unfolding events. It therefore was a useful opportunity to introspect and assess myself when I received coaching from Isa. From the beginning, her calm and understanding attitude allowed me to re-frame and contextualize my roles and responsibilities as an individual, father, engineer, leader and manager. Through regular phone discussions, I could stand back from the day to day activities, reflect on my priorities, set clear targets, and return to the real world more focused and aware of my actions and resulting consequences.

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Our coaching sessions were a breath of fresh air.

Our coaching sessions were a breath of fresh air. Isa helped me re-energise my career and personal life and put it back on track. She listened and highlighted the important points for my self-improvement and even change. Her inspiring spirit helped me go forward and uplift me tremendously. In a short span of time I have achieved so much.

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Her coaching style is light-touch but wise. She is fabulous!

Isa helped boost my confidence and leadership to deal with challenges no matter how complicated and "knotty" they are. As legal counsel for a reputable international mining company, these could be a lot. The coaching sessions pushed me to broaden my horizons, to dig deep and confront some beliefs that held me back, then helped me re-articulate them to empower me instead. Her coaching style is light-touch but wise. She is fabulous!

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Isa is the human equivalent of a dynamo

Isa is the human equivalent of a dynamo, she makes things happen with her energy, passion and dedication to a cause. As a programme designer and director she is skilled at creating 'safe spaces' for people to learn through stretch and challenge. Always creative and at the same time respectful of experience, Isa brings a breath of fresh air to everything she does in leadership development.

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Isa helped me through significant change

Isa helped me through significant change, coaching me through 2 changes in roles and 2 country moves within a year. She coached me through on-boarding strategies, navigating challenging situations in my daily work, creating buy-in from new colleagues and broader network, enhancing teamwork with the right “cultural” approach enabling me to engage others to achieve the company goals.

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The coaching experience I had with Isa exceeded my expectations.

The coaching experience I had with Isa exceeded my expectations. I got more from it than I thought I would. She supported me in improving my leadership by helping me broaden my point of view, think outside the box and reflect on my strengths and opportunities. Her style, a considered approach that was challenging but gentle, open and sincere, quickly earned my trust and respect.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I found myself counting the days till our next session.

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Like slipping into a warm bath

Having the opportunity to work with Isa at the end of a tough week was like slipping into a warm bath. The Rebalance sessions left me feeling calmer, refocused and re-energised.

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Very helpful in understanding and addressing my feelings and reactions.

I have personally found the "Rebalance Workshop" very helpful in understanding and addressing my own feelings and reactions. I love the themes and skills/tools shared, showing us practical and actionable ways in re-framing our view and guiding the perspective into gift goals!

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She makes it easy to share

Isa has a very gentle nature and it makes it really comfortable for us to share and not feel judged in the space.

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The strength of Isa's method is simplicity and pragmatic honesty.

I worked with Isa to create a new life strategy post recovery from a years long chronic illness. The recovery made me take stock of how I wanted the next phase of my life to be more purposeful and meaningful. Isa provided that safe space to explore, using the simplest tools to help me navigate painful topics that needed to be dealt with. 
The strength of Isa's method is simplicity and pragmatic honesty. The absence of big, vague, empty word salads on "empowering" or "thriving" usually lost on me was refreshing. In 3 sessions, she enabled seemingly simple but impactful, practical mind shifts for me that made the difference in my being more confident about the new paths I had chosen. 

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Isa was very good at helping me envision how I could integrate my interests into my future.

I would highly recommend Isa! I met with her when I started sixth form after pressure from my school to choose what we wanted to do after we left. I had no idea what I wanted to study at university, nevermind a future career, and was in much need of some guidance. Isa was very good at helping me envision how I could integrate my interests into my future. She was incredibly supportive and talked me through the different paths I could take, but also helped me think for myself. I had a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do after my session, thanks to Isa.