It's already in you

I set up What’s Inside Limited 5 years ago, born out of a desire to help others find their purpose, accomplish it and be happy. My work is based on the belief that most of what one needs to feel accomplished is already in them.

My background is in corporate talent and leadership development. I spent the first 25 years of my career working for 2 very large multinational companies (Unilever and Interserve) that opened up opportunities for me to live and work all over the world. I completed my professional coaching training in 2014 and am an ICF accredited coach (PCC). 


"I have lived and worked all over the world and have worked and partnered with a diversity of clients and consultants."

Job titles I have earned in my career include Recruitment Manager, Learning Manager, HR Project Lead, Programme Director, Head of Talent Development, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Trustee, Chairwoman, Facilitator and Coach.

I have lived and worked in the Philippines, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bahrain and England and ran development programmes in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. I had the privilege of not only working with an incredibly diverse talent pool, from across cultures, across functions, across levels but also working with some of the most talented coaches, authors, tutors and facilitators http://whatsinsideltd.com/testimonials. Many of which I still work with today. 

I have led, designed and facilitated leadership programmes for 30 years. While I learned coaching and facilitation skills early on in my career, I spent most of this time on the management side of programme delivery. In 2014 I consolidated my coaching experience with professional training from Teleos Leadership Institute https://teleosleaders.com, an ICF accredited programme. In 2022 I joined Teleos as an associate faculty running the ICF accredited Coaching Essentials Programme. 

Recently, I have been focused on coaching across diversity, developing programmes like (WOW) Women of the World coaching, Multi Cultural Awareness Workshops and coaching “minority” executives across sectors like Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Education and Mining all over the world.

Equal in importance to my practice are my other roles in life which are Partner to my husband and Lead Parent to our children. 

Everything that I have learned from the jobs that I had, the people I worked with and living my life I put into my practice.

What’s Inside Limited was set up 5 years ago

Born out of a desire to help others find their purpose and be happy. What’s Inside' work is based on the belief that most of what one needs to feel fulfilled and be happy is already in them. We work with individuals, who work with others, who work within an organisation. While the nuances of our work is complex, the process we apply is simple. We help them: 

Clarity around what they want, why they want it and what they need to do to get it.
Find the Courage to take the first steps and be visible.
Learn how to play big, be Conspicuous and be visible to those who matter.
Find the Confidence to sustain the changes they have made.