May 14, 2020

“Resilience isn’t just the ability to persevere. It is also an outlook we can cultivate to stay focused on the important things in life rather than what is most urgent and to keep ourselves from being carried away by negative emotions.”

“Resilience is our ability to deal with setbacks. The more resilient we are, the easier it will be to pick ourselves up and get back to what gives meaning to our lives.”

“Resilient people know how to stay focused on their objectives, on what matters, without giving in to discouragement.”

One helpful tip to maintain resilience is: Avoid things that are making you fragile. Questions to ask yourself: What makes you fragile? What makes you vulnerable? These could be things, habits, or even people that have a negative impact on your mental, emotional, or physical resilience. List them all down and beside each one, write an action that will help mitigate their negative impact.