WOW is an all-women global group coaching programme for ambitious women who want to proactively shape the next stage of their careers and life.

The programme has helped women from all around the world. 

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WOW Coaching for Women

Women thrive in group coaching partly because we (generally) respond better to nurturing learning groups and partly because it gives us access to “peer models” (as opposed to “role models”) we can draw inspiration from.

Science backs up women thriving in groups. A medical study found that women who have close female friendships are less likely to develop physical impairments as they age, are likely to be seen living vital, exciting and joyful lives. We live longer. It's been found that not having close female friends is detrimental to our health in the same way as smoking and being overweight. 

To be connected to a positive all female learning group will be like having a renewable  source of power. 

“Sisterhood” can be a very powerful force to give the world.

We still do one on one coaching for women and follow the same process for traditional leadership and development coaching. The context and topic is what drives the unique conversations we have with our clients. 

"I found myself enormously positive and full of possibility after every session - I have never experienced a course to that extent before!"

- Laura

We invite women to embark on a 6-week virtual coaching journey with our professional coaches, who have all had successful careers, are highly experienced and fully accredited. 

By the end of the programme you will have crafted a powerful future facing goal and action plan, and acquired the insights, strategies and tools to help you realise them.

Who is this programme for?

It is ideal for any woman who wants to make a step change and would benefit from a confidence boost. 

Programme Content

On the programme you will: 

  • work with an international group of supportive women who will help you lift your game,
  • access a deeper awareness of who you are,
  • craft an authentic future facing goal,
  • create a personal action plan to help you progress your goals,
  • develop an inner compass that will help you navigate to “what’s next” for you,
  • develop strategies to boost your confidence to step up, play big and be more visible.  

In WOW we help women from all over the world, from a diversity of backgrounds, jobs, sectors, ages and points in their lives, to ‘play big’. We do this by bringing clarity of direction and boosting their confidence to set stretch goals, go for them, and sustain the personal change. 

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Clarity around what they want, why they want it and what they need to do to get it.
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Find the Courage to take the first step and be visible.
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Learn how to play big, be Conspicuous and be visible to those who matter.
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Find the Confidence to sustain the changes they have made.

Whether we do development of leadership coaching, my “4Cs” of coaching applies:

The process I apply is simple, it is the uniqueness of the individual and their stories that make the coaching process complex.

Engagements can be conducted in person, online or on the phone and may include a leadership assessment focused on resilience. The whole process takes any time between 2 to 6 months.