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Leadership Workshop for Young People (LEAP)

We believe young people have it much more difficult today. Growing up with social media, fears about popularity on-line is fuelling narcissim, insecurity and social pressure, with damaging mental health impacts for some. Any work to do with confidence, self-awareness with young people tend to be given to those who really need it when the reality is, all of them would benefit from having some.

Self awareness is key in finding inner strength, decisiveness and grace under pressure. Self awareness is easy to understand in principle but much more difficult to do in practice, especially in a world where you are constantly persuaded that you are not good enough and to go for the next new thing.

Our programmes reinforces that what you have, what's inside, is enough. Our purpose is to help our participants ground themselves with how they are already valuable.

We run a workshop for young people between the ages of 15 to 25 that help them feel confident about decisions they make on their career/university/subject choice.

"I gained a sense of what I want from my future career and what areas I could find it in."

The workshop is based on material used in corporate leadership development. It covers topics like "Purpose", "Flow" and "Calling" and "Ikigai" but adjusted to make it more engaging for young adults. During the session we take a closer look at individual strengths, interests and passions against dreams and aspirations that help identify a plan of action.

This workshop is delivered best in groups 4 - 6 per facilitator, and preferably in friendship groups.

At the end of the workshop:

  • Identify a criteria to narrow down your university/career options
  • Feel more confident about the decisions you make.
  • Raise your self awareness and feel more confident in yourself.

Delivered over 2 hours in groups of 4 to 6 per facilitator. This session tends to work better with a group who are friends.

This workshop is currently being delivered on ZOOM.

"I found out the qualities I had to help me in life, and more importantly directions for careers that I didn't consider before."