When the impact of uncertainty and crisis have taken their toll on your ability to lead. This workshop re-energises and helps you focus on the important things in life other than what is most urgent. Helping you channel emotions in a positive and purposeful way.
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4 x one hour sessions. Once a week.

Target Audience:

Best for individuals / teams / groups navigating change


Virtual / On-Line (Using Zoom)


  • Group session facilitated by an experienced Leadership Coach
  • Topics, Tools and Techniques on Resilience and Wellbeing

Note, this workshop can be adjusted to be delivered to teams of up to 8 and groups of up to 60.

The REBALANCE Sessions: REBALANCE is comprised of 3-4 weekly one hour sessions on ZOOM. Attending these sessions is like getting a free hug. They are facilitated by an experienced coach who holds a safe space for teams to re-balance, re-frame and re-energise so that they can face their challenges for the week with determination and resolve.