REAL: Women

Develop your capability to lead yourself and others.
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REAL: Women is a Resilient Leadership Development Programme that focuses on developing the resilience of female leaders. This programme is delivered in partnership with Hannah Wilson.

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Duration: 6 months

Format: Virtual / On-Line (Using Zoom)


  • Confidence and competence in your resilient leadership, in both cognitive and emotional factors 
  • Knowledge of how to lead yourself and others through change and uncertainty 
  • Improved self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Identify a personal leadership stretch, the most relevant area in your leadership to work on.
  • A plan to meet your development stretch.
  • Achieve a performance goal directly related to your personal leadership stretch.
  • Meet and learn with similarly motivated individuals.


6 x webinars (120 mins)

6 x 1:1 coaching (60 mins)

6 x group coaching sessions (60 mins)

Resilient Leader Elements 

Resilient Leader Development Programme Coaching Tool

Understanding and application of the Resilient Leader Elements: 

Clarity of Direction: People know where they are going and why they are going there 

Leadership Presence: You have “presence” even when you’re not in the room 

Awareness: Everyone, including you, works at their best, resulting in higher productivity and motivation through challenging times 

Resilient Decision Making: You have the best chance of making good decisions when it really counts